Introducing: Laserflail

A few months ago I started a side project which I have called The Laserflail. Think of it as a satirical news publication that covers the various speculative multiverses that we are aware of, and some which we are only just now discovering. Head on over and give it a read. You will surely like it. … [Read more…]

Spoiler-Free Star Wars VIII Review

The Last Jedi

I went to see Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi on Thursday night. It’s taken me longer to sort through my thoughts than expected, but I figured I’d put down a few non-spoilery reactions for those who haven’t seen it yet, as I did for Episode VII when it came out a couple years … [Read more…]

Heinlein Novels and Cats

International Cat Day was a few days ago. Being a fan of Robert Heinlein – who frequently included cats in his stories – I started a discussion on Facebook about which of his stories do not have cats in them. While a number of people provided feedback on stories in which they remembered (or didn’t remember) with … [Read more…]

My Bookish 2016

As it turns out, 2016 was an exceptionally bookish year for me. According to my Goodreads stats, I read more books in 2016 than any year since I’ve started keeping track (though, not more pages – 2013 has 2016 beat by about 350 pages). But my year in books page only tells part of the book story. Sure, you … [Read more…]

Accuracy, Honesty, and Political Fact Checking

pants on fire

A couple articles have recently been making the rounds about which politicians are the most honest. Using data acquired from PolitiFact — the political fact-checking institute owned by the Tampa Bay Times – American News X has now run two opinion pieces by Charlie Barrel on the topic, and they have both gone semi-viral among the … [Read more…]