Diary of a Literary Censor

ON rising to-day noted the naked glory of the morning and pulled down the curtains.

Bathed with my eyes bandaged.

Read Tolstoi on “What Is Art?” and see that the Little Eva of Anarchy agreed with me in almost everything.

Attended a meeting of the “Ladies’ Society for the Suppression of Genius.” 

Dined on some peppermint tablets to disinfect my thoughts.

Ransacked the bookstores for books that told the truth about life.

Appeared before the Grand Jury and presented evidence against a poet whose lyrical frenzy outran his solicitude for the Morals of the Young.

Before retiring read those wonderful tales of Boccaccio—a great classic!

Benjamin De Casseres.


Source: Life, Nov. 23, 1916, p. 894