Sea Mania

Sea that whistles and sea that sobs.
Sea of the shadowy masks of death,
Sea of the dancing spiral beams,
Sea of the blusterful mouth—
     Nacre and gray
     Like a bulgy snake.
     Sewn with dimples
     Like a baby’s chin—
O alkahest of the stony earth, fantastic chemist of steel and flesh.
                    Receive me!

Sea that rants and sea that coos,
Sea of the thousand horizons,
Sea of the hoarse Valkyrean calls,
Sea of the corpse shod feet—
     Mansions of coral
     Awaiting your guests,
     Beds of flowers
     Awaiting drowned lovers—
O vagabond with the shoulder shrug at the business of the suns,
                    Receive me!

Sea of the gray blue iron jaws,
Sea of the syncopated breath,
Sea of the light blown ecstasies,
Sea of the vast ironic smile—
     Saliva of Neptune
     Blown ‘gainst the stars,
     Playground of Saphho,
     Chasing discorporate moons—
O mausoleum with the roof of suns and floor of staring eyes.
                    Receive me!

Benjamin De Casseres.


Source: The Sun, Sunday, 1 Aug. 1915, Section 3, p. 11