Thirst of a Superman

To the Editor of The Sun—Sir: A celebrated artist, literary man and Mexican mixup and myself took a Staten Island ferryboat to watch for the coming of the dawn over the greater city. We landed at the old town of St. George and felt thirsty; and when art, literature and philosophy achieve a thirst it does not follow that water or post-impressionist lemonade is wanted. We knocked at several inns, but everything was “tight.”

Should this be so?

Now, it is just that state of affairs that caused me to run for Mayor (I am still running). Cannot our Mayor be persuaded to “wink” a little? It was the revocation of the Edict of Nantes that made somebody famous.

And, further, believing Mr. Gaynor to be the best Mayor New York city ever had, a man of brains, courage and “tang,” I am now prepared to withdraw from the race and get out on the stump for him against the field, if he will only “wink” a “leetle” bit at his Edict of April 1.

Benjamin De Casseres.
New York, August 4.


Source: Letter to the Editor, New York Sun, Aug. 5, 1913, p. 6