Apathy leans against the wall
And he whispers in my ear,
“Seldom we live to care
About the apples that we taste.”
He pulls a chair up to the table,
Calls me to his side,
And he says, “Seldom we live
To go back home.”

Dissonance yells across the sky
Screaming to my apathetic world,
“Seldom we live to comprehend
Why our grass has withered.”
The wind of his voice stings hard,
I am blown away by his words,
As he says, “Seldom we live
To try again.”

Fortune finds me alone in thought
In a glade, a stream, at night:
“Seldom we live to dance
With the one we want to dance.”
I find myself talking to myself
As night still darker grows,
And I say, “Seldom we live
To be a dream.”

Consistency falls down the stairs
Cursing as he tumbles,
“Seldom we live to die
For a cause we loved at birth.”
He breaks his neck on the floor,
His influence abating,
And he says, “Seldom — we die —
To live——”