Comment Policy

You are welcome to comment. I enjoy comments — if I didn’t, I wouldn’t provide the capability to post comments on my site.

That said, my website is not an open forum to discuss anything and everything you wish. I provide commenting capabilities to allow people to discuss the ideas I present in my writings.

Therefore, I reserve the right to edit or delete comments at any time for any reason. Some reasons that I might choose to do so include:

  • Personal attacks against myself or any other individuals
  • Excessive profanity or graphic descriptions
  • Overtly bigoted language based on race, gender, orientation, nationality, or religion
  • Illegally distributed content, including copyrighted material and spam
  • Links to affiliate websites/products, spun “articles”, pornography, or other material with which I do not wish to associate my site
  • Anything that doesn’t at least nominally relate to the page/post on which the comment appears, or which is otherwise off-topic

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