Benjamin De Casseres Works

Following is a bibliography of Benjamin De Casseres’ works. I don’t know that it will ever be exhaustive, but in time I hope to make it as comprehensive as possible given the resources available. Please note that for much of his career, De Casseres was a syndicated newspaper columnist. I have listed the earliest version of each article that I could find. However, it may be that an earlier version of some articles appeared in a different newspaper. If you know of any works by De Casseres that are not listed here, or if you are able to fill in any missing information, please email me with the title of the work, the publication in which it was printed, and the original printing date.

Short Works

Between 1890 and 1945, De Casseres wrote many short pieces including articles, essays, reviews, poetry, and fiction. To help manage the size of the bibliography, I have split it up by decade.

Books and Pamphlets

De Casseres printed a number of books and pamphlets over his career. Here are those that I know about. There may be other pamphlets that I have not discovered yet.

Benjamin De Casseres Books and Pamphlets
Title Publisher Year Pages
Sex in Inihibitia Self    
I am Private Enterprise Self    
The Shadow-Eater Albert and Charles Boni 1915 59
Words, words, words Goodman 1918  
Chameleon: Being the Book of My Selves Lieber & Lewis / The Ullman Press, Inc. 1922 221
Forty Immortals Joseph Lawren 1925 371
James Gibbons Huneker Joseph Lawren 1925 40
Mirrors of New York Joseph Lawren 1925 221
What Is a Doodle-Goof? Self 1926 4
Anathema! Litanies of Negation Gotham Book Mart 1928 44
Robison Jeffers: Tragic Terror John S. Mayfield 1928 (Feb. 1) 11
The Holy Wesleyan Empire Self 1928 4
The Superman in America University of Washington Book Store 1929 30
Mencken and Shaw Silas Newton 1930 144
The Love Letters of a Living Poet Ray Long & Richard R. Smith 1931 243
The Hit and Run Thinker Self 1931 7
Lüchow’s   1931 8
Prelude to DeCasseres’ Magazine Self 1932  
Spinoza, Liberator of God and Man   1932  
When Huck Finn Went Highbrow T. F. Madigan 1934  
From Olympus to Independence Hall Self 1935 4
Germans, Jews and France by Nietzsche Rose Publishers 1935 31
The Communist-Parasite State Self 1936 10
Exhibitionism: A New Theory of Evolution Self (Blackstone) 1936 32
The Individual Against Moloch Self (Blackstone) 1936 48
Black Suns Self (Blackstone) 1936 68
The Eternal Return Self (Blackstone) 1936  
The Eighth Heaven Self (Blackstone) 1936  
DeGaultier & LaRochefoucauld Self (Blackstone) 1936  
The Elect and the Damned Self (Blackstone) 1936  
Saint Tantalus Self (Blackstone) 1936  
The Adventures of an Exile Self (Blackstone) 1936 56
I Dance With Nietzsche Self (Blackstone) 1936  
Broken Images Self (Blackstone) 1936  
The Muse of Lies   1936 149
The Works of Benjamin DeCasseres (3 vol.) (compilation of pamphlets) Blackstone Press Gordon Press 1936 1975  
Raiders of the Absolute Self (Blackstone) 1937  
Fantasia Impromptu (Part 1) Self (Blackstone) 1937 52
Spinoza Against the Rabbis Self (Blackstone) 1937 58
Fantasia Impromptu (Part 2) Self (Blackstone) 1937 46
Chiron the Centaur Self (Blackstone) 1937 59
Fantasia Impromptu (Part 3) Self (Blackstone) 1937 ??
The Last Supper Self (Blackstone) 1937 ??
Fantasia Impromptu (Part 4) Self (Blackstone) 1937 50
To Hell with DeCasseres! Self 1937 16
Don Marquis Self 1938  
Fantasia Impromptu (Part 5) Self (Blackstone) 1938 47
Fantasia Impromptu (Part 6) Self (Blackstone) 1938 56
Saint Tantalus (Part 2) Self (Blackstone) 1938 60
Sir Galahad: Knight of the Lidless Eye Self (Blackstone) 1938 64
Finis! Self (posthumous; printed by Bio) 1945 20