Words, words, words


“Words, words, words” is a pamphlet or short book written by Benjamin De Casseres and published by Martin Goodman in the Spring of 1918. Little is known about it. The only reference I’ve managed to find is a notice in the March 3, 1918, issue of The Publisher’s Weekly (n.p.), where it is listed among the upcoming publications, priced at $0.90.

De Casseres 'Words, words, words' advertised in The Publishers Weekly, March 9, 1918

As to the content of the publication, it is hard to determine what that might be. Most likely, it was the republication of one or more essays previously printed in one of the many magazines or newspapers to which De Casseres was submitting at the time.

The phrase “words, words, words” appears in De Casseres’ essay on Gabriele D’Annunzio, which first appeared in The Papyrus in June 1909.

The title is a reference to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2:

POLONIUS: …What do you read, my lord?

HAMLET: Words, words, words.